L’Encantada Lous Pibous 2005 Cask 193

Lous Pibous 2005 #193

This is actually be the youngest armagnac I’ve had. I have all kinds of preconceived notions about what that will mean. More fruit, less funk, less oak. But, not at all. This is a well rounded and simply fantastic pour. It’s my fourth night pouring from this bottle into my glass. And for those of you that know me, that is a big deal. With the exception of the burrito, which is really the food of the gods, and my wife who has never bored me for a minute, I never choose to eat or drink the same thing twice. I wish more brilliant hooch was sold in 200ML bottles. The industry really needs to commit to this bottle size as it is the perfect amount.

The nose is heady. Rich, sweet and fruity with a touch of wild musky funk. It defiantly refuses to let me nail it down. It took me four days to find the combination I’ve been looking for. Ripe cantaloupe paired with prosciutto. Sweet and savory. As the smell blends, I get a strong dutch salted licorice. The kind that rattle your teeth. In the background is some kind of funky ass citric smell, maybe the bergamot or even patchouli. Sometimes that funk even reminds me of the after odor of a strong Roquefort. This is not the mild one dimensional baby I was expecting. She’s all grownz up and has that touch of character that makes my eyes sparkle. I have been nosing for hours and am delighted.

The palate is far more balanced than the nose lead me to expect. Especially at 57%, I just don’t notice the alcohol. The flavors kicked off with summer yellow raspberries and mount rainier cherries. Next stop of the fruit train (whooowhooo), apricot, lychee and the most distinguishable and yet unidentifiably fruit of them all… juicyfruit bubble gum. Which from me is a compliment, as it is right behind big red as the penultimate chewing experience. Paired with the sweet is a nice sour tang, Jamaica hibiscus iced tea when it isn’t overly sweetened. I keep looking for the salty meatiness I get on the nose, but its just not there in the palate. The black licorice is far more subtle and reminds me of those trays of anise seed the Indian restaurant my parents loved had at the door to grab in handfuls as you walked out after a fabulous curry. The oak shows up on the finish, but light and long.

I legitimately can’t find a flaw with this palate except for the simple fact that its too pretty. It is winter here and this is summer pour. When the trade winds have calmed, and I’m sitting at 1am on my rooftop in shorts and a t-shirt with the smells of Africa and good friends talking about life and dreams. Then this will be the star of the picnic table. I’m DAMN GLAD I bought a handful of these. As a sub hundred euro bottle, I stocked up. But it’s raining outside now and it’s Christmas. So I’m going to go grab a beast of Glendronach to match the mood.

Rating: 8/10: Go bank a couple while you can.

I have gone back and forth for a week if this is a 7 or and 8. And you know what, it is both, just depending on my mood. A flat out winner either way. I’ve updated this post twice, once to take it down to a 7, and then two days later back up to an 8 again.