Bacanora Rancho Tepua Blanco 47%

Nose: Corn meal, nearly tamales. A lime and cilantro forward tomatillo salsa. Leek soup and grilled onions. Sitting on a limestone slab in the sun, baking in the heat, right before it rains. Ozone.

Palate: Clay and mineral. Imagine distilling and then watering down WD40 (disclaimer: don’t drink WD40). Gentle barbacoa that is well balanced with the nose notes. Lime pith. Cilantro soap sadness. Ice cold lager complete with fresh lime that you then wedged into the bottle.

Rating: 5 (Shane) 7 (Ryan) / 10 – The nose is so damn refined, the palate elegant and well integrated. Ryan just loves it. I get a soapy vibe that is a DQ, but I was alone as neither Vlad nor Ryan got the note.