Badachro Bad na h-Achlaise Tuscan Oak 46%

Nose: Caramelized onions reduced in port. Grilled pork chops. I’ve come to associate the nose crinkle of a lit match with romance, as for many years, the only time I struck one was when lighting candles around the bathtub in our apartment. Sadly from a pre-kids era. A promising, rich and interesting nose.

Palate: Tum’s antacids generic fruit flavor. Raw pizza dough. I quite like the tart side of apple fresh pressed juice, and even blending it with our apple vinegar. But let’s be fair, this apple skin vibe is not redeeming. Meh.

Rating: 3 / 10 – In Gaelic this translates to … the hair of the armpit. OR something like that. And while I am mildly fascinated with the nose, when it hits the mouth, it falls very flat. New distillery, poor start.