Darroze Pouteou 1969 / 2012 40%

Nose: Cinnabon pecans rolls. A heavy anise perfume and orange black tea. And a saccharine fruit sweetness, a la gushers fruit flavored snack packs. Except I never got those (looking at you mom), I got the “healthy” whole foods version; half the sugar and none of the delight.

Palate: Lots of anise and eucalyptus. Dry orange peel. This veers quite herbal on the finish, like a poor man’s Ricola without serious depth or nuance.

Rating: 5 / 10 – a great nose, with an herbal palate that manages to stay on the pleasant side of bitter. While I won’t go hunting for it, I don’t mind finishing this glass. Which says a lot given my taste buds. Ryan and I probably should have written more on the notes, but we were ready to hit the next pour.