Domaine de Charron 1994 49%

Nose: Olive tapenade. Salted nuts. Sticky prunes and rum cake. Even butterscotch. A big heaping serving of anise. And the ubiquitous herbal something.

Palate: Dry tannins, big bitter woods reminiscent of a potent quinine tonic, Castelvetrano or Antequera olives. The hint of fruit formerly known as Dr pepper, buried prunes. Herbs and anise. Cracked black pepper and pecorino cheese.

Rating: 5 / 10 – The nose is great. I tried letting this sit for an hour on Borger’s recommendation. But apparently, the Charron cube will not assimilate me. Move along Borg, this aint the drinker you are looking for. I honestly wonder if I came back to this in a few months if I will have a very different score.