Domaine Le Frêche 1972 Cask #11 48.9% for L’encantada

Nose: Jungle juice (ryan also thinks DEET), citronella, acetone. Juicy red plums, candied crushed walnuts or macadamia nuts, bitter orange peel / Grand Marnier. Almost burnt toast, bratwurst and bbqs leeks. Cloves & nutmeg.

Palate: Raw vietnamese cinnamon, cloves, orange oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender cookies, dandelion green, soapy

Rating: 4 (Shane & Sascha) 6 (Ryan) / 10 While I love the nose, and the palate has something fun in the mix, the soapy bitterness is brutal to me. I’ve tried this blind twice now and stand by the score.