Lous Pibous 1993 Cask #124 52.5% for L´Encantada

Nose: Sweet vanilla oak with an undercurrent of signature LP meaty umami funk, and plenty of fresh cut lumber.

Palate: Attack is sweet but overall the palate feels a bit more austere than the #187. A huge serving of dry oak, leather, toasted marshmallows, orange soda, and Finnish licorice. Finish is some chargrilled steak with a side of potatoes, and a smear of tar.

Rating: 9 / 10 – As I understand it, this was one of the three original legendary Pibous casks that exploded onto the American bourbon drinkers’ palate in the 2010s and rocked their world: cask #187, #124, and #132. Everyone has their favorite, but generally it seems the consensus was 187 > 124 > 132, but it depends on who you ask. Overall, this was excellent, just excellent brandy. I am blessed to have tried it. Does it beat the #187? No, not for me. But it’s still pinnacle yak.