Lous Pibous 1996 Cask #187 54.3% for L´Encantada

Nose: Maple brown sugar oatmeal. White chocolate, candied citrus peels and vanilla malt. More sweet and less funky fruits than I usually get from LP.

Palate: Concentrated piquant sweetness. Spicy oak, pomegranate molasses and preserved lemons. Leather, allspice, ginger and dried apricots. What a consistently Moroccan combination of flavors. The finish is legit long! Charred oak, tobacco, dried peach, hint of mint, faint burnt raisins and burnt match heads.

Rating: 9 / 10 – There have been several legendary Lous Pibous casks but for those who have tried them all, this one gets named as “the best” as much as any other. So expectations are cranked up to 11 as I go into this. Overall, yes I love it. I’m gonna reserve my “top spot” for another Pibous cask (or two) but this one is still just unbelievable.