Redbreast 25yr 1991 Oloroso Cask #42972 53.0% for LMDW

Nose: My wife loves few things more than ripe red fruits drowned in melted chocolate. It’s a straight path to her heart. Milk chocolate kinder bueno. Sticky buns. Slight whiffs of apple blackberry cobbler, pineapple, dates, prunes, dark maple syrup. Blue corn tortillas. All vying with scotch tape and latex paint.

Palate: Feels like we are making gumbo. Celery, cumin, bay leaf, and green peppercorn. A very interesting sweet bitterness. Okra and stale walnuts. Herbs and rancio that reminds me of old cognacs, which makes Ryan’s eyes shine and me look at it a touch cross eyed. With more time some of those berry notes on the nose come to play on the palate. This pour really benefits from airtime. I went back for a second pour the following night and bumped my score.

Rating: 9 / 10 – This will truly appeal to those old distinguished cognac collectors. A wild cornucopia of notes.