Savanna 2021 Unshared 6 year Tropical Aged Ex-Cognac Cask #714 55.9% for LMDW 65th Anniversary

Nose: I often see pineapple in rum tasting notes. They all pale in the intense light of this holy pineapple bomb. And I don’t mean canned pineapple. We used to visit our sisters in Oahu and Maui and we’d go upcountry and pluck them at that point where the sugars are at the verge of natural fermentation. Where sweet and funk come to dance. Layering underneath, bourbon vanilla extract, a dash of cloves, a richness that almost reminds me of when blending egg white foam into drinks, and a dusting of cocoa powder.

Palate: Nose to mouth: 1:1. Flavor-town all aboard!!! Choo Choo. Big fruit on the palate, first stop pineapple city. Sweet, citric, and funky. It’s like someone took a Hampden home to meet the parents and it is on its best behavior. All the fruit, none of the fumes. Powerful oak spices, cinnamon, cardamom, star of anise, cloves. The tannins are well pronounced but not too bitter for me. Frankly, this could be the ultimate crossover for the bourbon folks.

Rating: 8 / 10 – I tried it and immediately bought a bottle. I opened that bottle and it now sits under my desk and I reach for it more than any other open rum. Already scheming for my backup. No idea how long this infatuation lasts but dang this just connects with my palate. Now I need to find out if this is a standout or true to its DNA Savanna. I rarely mention packaging, but for some reason this box and label just connect with me. I can’t even tell you why besides it evokes the land and the labor, of time passing and the way things were. It is both nostalgia and art. I have a soft spot for old black and white photos. And maybe I’m getting older.