St Lucia 9 year Cask 26 The Secret Treasures John Dore Still 55%

Nose: Most people treat creme brûlée like they are all equal. Let me assure you there are not. St lucia has delivered a powerfully simple nose, with sweet depth. A luxurious cinnamon creme brûlée, salted dulce de leche, honey glazed peanuts. Touch of cherries.

Palate: Mild and pleasant, but it is missing the evocative character I was looking for. The oak seems to be the main element followed by a general sweetness. On a larger pull, a hint of bitterness, grapefruit peel and dark chocolate. The element of salt coming through at the end, which I quite enjoy.

Rating: 6 / 10 – A perfectly pleasant rum, a 5 at first, but letting it sit really helped surface more depth and I went back for a second pour.