West Cork Cask Strength 62.5%

Nose: Varnish, Shortbread biscuits, Werther’s original butterscotch. Unripe cantaloupe melon. I let it rest another 40 minutes to see if it would soften, but still smells like young stuff.

Palate: a young gun but has some nice elements to the palate. Makes my mouth full on salivate in a fun way – like after eating poprocks or sour patch kids. Sweetness of creme brûlée. The lightest amount of toasted chestnuts. A bitter element to the finish like unripe loquat or cactus fruit or quinine / tonic water. Drops of water really help it a lot.

Rating: 4 / 10 – Tried blind. Promising but needs to calm the fuck down and take some Ritalyn (or just age another 5 years). But with a couple drops of water it gets better