SMWS 26.151 – Fragrance clings to the hand that gives flowers – Clynelish 26yo 47.3%

SMWS 26.151 - Clynelish 26 - Fragrance clings to the hand that gives flowers

Let’s do a SMWS Clynelish tasting! I’ve had very little Clynelish and have heard wonderful things about this bottle.

SMWS 26.151 - Clynelish 26 - Fragrance clings to the hand that gives flowers


Tangerine, peach/apricot cobbler, honeysuckle, jasmine, subtle hints of violet & rose, beeswax, buttery, slight hint of clove (?). After my initial taste, the floral and stone fruit notes are now on hyperdrive and we get some poached pear. With more time in the glass, wildflower honey and tropical fruits develop, mango and papaya. The nose is subtle, playful, and lovely.


Thin, which is typically not my personal favorite. That beeswax is present, as if you took a bite out of a candle. This has an interesting slightly bitter tingle on the mouth. Vanilla wafers, perfume and floral are present. This drinks like a dry mead. Has some slightly nutty notes on the back end, pine nuts and definitely walnuts. Orange cream. Lemon tart with a walnut crust.


Fades away relatively quickly with those floral and perfume notes with a dash of citrus bitters and fresh lemon rind.


Honestly, this is unlike anything I’ve ever had. I’m intrigued and actively want to love it more. I think it might simply come down to palate preference or perhaps expanding my palate into the more waxy and mineral driven side of scotch, but I could definitely see digging this more over time. I admittedly have had very little Clynelish. I’m intrigued, please sir, may I have another?

Rating: 7 / 10 (went from 6 to 7 as I drank this and think I could get to an 8 with more)

Photo credit: respectfully borrowed from SMWS