Maxime Trijol Très Vieille Borderies Cognac (~80 Year) 40%

Nose: A surprisingly vibrant and complex nose. Red pie cherries, the ones which need sugar or will melt your face off. And the maple bark and eucalyptus mulch mom puts under the fruit trees, with a cap of morning dew. Bit wet but earthy and pungent. You can smell the weeds trying to push through, which will burst into wild flowers if mom can’t be bothered to get to them. Licorice root and unboiled maple sap. I really like this nose. It courts the funky herbal side without going off the deep end.

Palate: Thin and yet flavorful. Herbal bitters. Juniper. Pistachio. Oak tannin. I feel like there should be more complexity based upon the nose, but it’s a strong single pleasant note.

Rating: 5 / 10 – I bet the herbal appreciators will like this more than I can, but all in all, it’s a nice pour.