Campbeltown Loch 30 Year Bottled 2009 40%

Nose: We took the kids up to Tejeda yesterday to enjoy the heatwave from the top of the volcano. They had just opened the public pool, with perhaps the best view on earth. Picked up almond pastries, an amazing coconut macaroon and a lovely mild hand muddled mint ice cream. Fresh chamomile flowers. My wife makes amazing cookies and I love the smell of the dried ingredients mixed up, flour, cinnamon, cloves, baking powder, sea salt. Touch of vanilla.

Palate: A very gentle and old style spirit. Furniture polish and waxy. White pepper and anise seed. An apple that has lost its sparkly. Hippie generic organic cheerios. This is very thin. I’m taking unusually large mouthfuls to get the impact.

Rating: 5 / 10 – This is both very lovely and far too gentle. I quite enjoy getting to visit the style of waxiness from the 70s. A couple of extra proof would do it wonders and help the spirit shine. I truly waffled between a 5 and a 6. Content according to internet sources : “Around 45% of this Campbeltown Loch 30y is made up of the old 25y which was allowed to mature on. That 25y old blend was almost 100% malt and contained some 1964 Springbank, along with other single malts including 1977 Ardmore, 1977 North Port, 1978 Tomatin, 1977 Imperial, 1976 Glen Garioch, 1976 Ardbeg and 1976 Glen Grant. 30y old grain form Girvan was added to complete the new 30y old Campbeltown Loch.” Not sure how dependable the source is, but its pretty detailed for a guess.