Raicilla La Venenosa Puntas (dark blue label w/ gold letters) 2019 From Lobo de la Sierra de Jalisco 63.1%

Nose: A big sniff and almost no burn. Strawberries galore. mount rainier cherries, lingonberry. Candy shop: a handful of jellybellies, laffy taffy, blue raspberry jolly ranchers, peach ring gummies. As my wife was a girlscout leader, I was obliged to buy and eat large quantities of lemonade girl scout cookies. A dad’s job is never done. Kind of wish they had done a lemonade hibiscus mashup special release.

Palate: An umami explosion of grape pop rocks and a burst of chocolate. Tomatoes, sweet hot peppers salsa made from habanero and tamarindo. Windowsill basil, mint, cilantro, cedar and sandalwood. Rosehip and an overwhelming lavender hammer. Lemonheads candy.

Rating: 7 / 10 – I love the intense uniqueness. It’s super sweet, but damn it, this couldn’t be a daily drinker. A quick google showed this is Agave Maximiliana.