Caroni Edition 5 Deodat “Breeze” Manmohan 66.7% for Velier

Nose: Yup 4 pours in, and I’m rude. You need more pencil lead in this. And while the eau de pineapple is absolutely lovely, it apparently isn’t rotten enough for Ryan. He’s being real picky, and according to him I’m spoiling for a fight. Ryan says this is tame and wonders what to do with the straight jacket… he wanted a CARONI. I find it classy and suggest he trades it for a tux. Oyster mushrooms and fish on the grill. Squeeze of lime or yuzu-soy sauce. Potting soil. grilled peaches, and creme brûlée.

Palate: Banana leaf, tar, and a loooong finish. Pineapple juice on the way to piña colada town. Burnt ends and the touch of salt n funk of grilled oysters. Roasted red bell pepper. Toasted marshmallow. And an oak 2×6. Full modern stud, none of that pennyfeather 2×4 garbage. Sandalwood.

Rating: 8 (Ryan) 9 (Shane) / 10 – Wow, this is so damn good. One of the most elegant Caroni’s I’ve had. A Caroni that took a shower and put on shoes and a tuxedo t-shirt. Maybe even brushed its teeth. Then headed to a family event. And while I usually ignore price when rating, and if possible, Ryan and I happen to google how much our 10CL bottle is worth… daaaang. 360GBP on auction this week. Thank god its so good and I got it back when it retailed. I need to get through samples faster. Bless you Velier Small Great Bottles.