Ardnamurchan AD/CK.364 Paul Launois Champagne Finish Batch 1 58.2%

Nose: I swear my nose hair got shorter. A nice kumquat marmalade note.. Citric yet enticing. Got to be careful with these young whiskies. But as I got used to it, I was thrown back to childhood. It smells like play dough. Honey sweet with a slightly salty and wet clay layer. And a potent wall of passion flowers on a hot day.

Palate: Oh that is fun. I’m sure it’s psychological, and yet the mouthfeel is pétillant. Tingles the tongue. White peach gummies. Candied lemon peel. White peppercorn. I tried a white port + tonic in Oporto for the first time last week while there for work. A perfect balance and sweet and tart. Nailed it. The mouth-drying feel of pear skins. The champagne cask really plays a huge role, and in this case, it just works.

Rating: 6 / 10 – I like this so much more than I expected to. Pleasantly dry with sweet elements. Looking forward to catch two.