Daftmill 2009 11 year #029 Ex-oloroso cask 61.1%

Nose: Banana. Chamomile tea. Ginger and peppercorn. Metamucil cinnamon crackers. This reminds Ryan of Garrison Brothers bourbon. I’m trying to not overthink it, as I had a similar thought, but the opposite emotional reaction to Ryan.

Palate: The ingredients really dominate this spirit in a lovely way. Toasted marbled rye bread with french orange marmalade. Sourdough yeast starter. Fresh grains, which usually isn’t my thing but works so well in this case. Cinnamint and a nice wood wallop. Finish is chocolate flavored espresso beans. This is so damn good.

Rating: 8 / 10 – If we are playing word association, this harkens back to some of the best Amrut releases, which I love. And Ryan insists I go back and try Garrison Brother again and stop hating. While the nose wasn’t doing too much for me, the palate is truly special and is a balance of contrasting aggressive flavors. I really wish these single casks were more accessible.