Domaine de Charron 1989 47.3%

Nose: You could slip this into a blind Guyana rum tasting and never bat an eye. Caramelized demerara sugar and toasted vanilla beans. Big beautiful oak. Star of anise and cloves. Eau of ripe banana.

Palate: For my parent’s 50th anniversary I’d like to cook something special. I just wish I had more of this bottle and I’d use it to make the perfect truffle. Dark chocolate covered espresso beans, molasses, rum creme brûlée, healthy touch of anise and cinnamon on the back of the palate. Bit of the dirty side too. Burnt rubber. I want to wax on poetically, but I’ll just sit back and drink this and stop typing.

Rating: 8 / 10 – Let’s just agree to call it Domaine de ChaRUM and lay ourselves down on the altar to pray.