Domaine de Charron 1988 47,4%

Nose: Coca cola concentrate. The shit my shop teacher used to degrease engines and dissolve baby teeth overnight. Black forest cake and dark chocolate cherry liqueur candies. Green turtle car wax. Brand new birthday balloons.

Palate: Carob. Licorice root extract. Portobello. Earthy and dense.The concentrator herbal intensity is off the scale. The syrup used to make Ricola. Then an oddly chemical moment, tastes like blowing up a balloon. Its got everything from the nose, from cola to chocolaty goodness. But that balloon overwhelmed it all.

Rating: 6 / 10 – If you love the herbal nature, this is freaking outstanding and probably an 8. I just don’t. So I can respect it enormously, but can’t love it.