Imperial 1995 22 Year Bourbon Cask #50253 53.1% for Signatory Vintage

Nose: Pool water. Which as a competitive swimmer, isn’t a complaint. Beeswax. Sweet yeast and flour. I’ve never managed to bake those big loaves of fluffy white bread. Mine always has too much heft. Spread a super thin layer of kumquat marmalade and a small pat of butter. The longer it sits, tropical fruits float to the surface, dried mango, yellow peach slices, lychee.

Palate: A dusting of baking spices on a morning pastry. Cinnamon pears. Ridden by cinnamon bears. Waxiness. Kinda makes me want one of those bunuelos from up the mountain. I love the anise ones but julie always goes for the orange. Then the fruit really picks it up a notch. Loquat and kumquat, which are pretty much unrelated despite the linguistic overlap. The palate is sweet yet citric, a somewhat bitter expression of the oak. Keeps it from being too boring.

Rating: 5 (Ryan) 6 (Shane) / 10 – waxy and tropical. Yes please. Ryan actually finds the fruit distracting from the core waxiness.