Domaine Boingneres 1980 24 Year 49%

Nose: The waxiness of a whole foods orange peel and the orange wax that we used on our outdoor teak furniture. Pushing my thumb into a tangerine. Ripe banana peel. Baked apples stuffed with raisins and the tiniest dust of cinnamon. Fresh cut maple planks and fresh cut fennel bulb.

Palate: Oh, this is good. I know that soon the era of pumpkin will fall. In the north, the cold will snap and the winds will whisper, peppermint everything. Minter is coming. For those of you know me, that is not okay at all. But if everyone layered in the herbal, the fruit, and the sweets with this level of pure sophistication, I’d embrace my new wintloverlords with open arms. Rich maple syrup on the tip of my tongue, but also surging back on the long finish. Plump raisins with pan caramelized apricot slices tossed in butter and brown sugar with a light abricotine flambee. Oak tannins and peppermint popping in and out like the hook from a musician who knows to hold the theme without being monotonous. And on the final finish, tangerine juice.

Rating: 8 / 10 – This domain is one of the greats. I need a backup.