Jean Luc Pasquet Lot 70

Nose: My son wandered by, stuck his nose in the glass I had left out to breathe and asked if it was a beer. And now I can’t unsmell a blond ale no matter how hard I try. Power of suggestion? Or simply nailed it? I wish I had the Capovilla eau de biere with me to compare. It is the light pastry vibe that connects over to summer ale. Apricot pound cake and an almond danish; that heavy butter and baking spice yeastiness. A gentle and long waft of nutmeg.

Palate: From the nose to the palate. Pancakes with a heavy handful of baking soda. Almost sparkling on the tongue. My kids prefer them fluffy, myself nearly deep fried, with warm butter and a dusting of cinnamon sugar. Fresh almonds and crisp apple tart. And a dollop of natural greek yogurt, the tartness, not the creaminess. I’ve always loved my fruits best at the firm pre-fully ripe stage, with a zing of tartness. Greengage and limeade. But be warned, this sucker runs hot. Even with an hour of rest it zings.

Rating: 6 / 10 – I love the tart nature of this pour balanced with the rich oak spices. If the alcohol was less of a club, I’d drink this regularly.