Sotol Pizcadores Silver 45%

Nose: Smoked artichoke heart with dijon vinaigrette. Geraniums. Seared greens on a copper pan. Lime zest.

Palate: Burnt toast with leeks. Old cigarette butts. While one of my fondest triathlon memories is the escape from alcatraz, I’ll never forget the taste. Boat oil from a swim in the san francisco bay is memorable. And no pour should ever take me back there.

Rating: 3 (Shane) Ryan (4) / 10 – while the nose has a fun acidity and great promise, the palate is just dirty smoke thin layers. And for me, basically unappealing.

We’re pretty darn new to Sotol, so the ratings are based upon pure enjoyment and aren’t really a fair measurement of this spirit within the genre.