Kilkerran 11 Year 2007/2018 Sherry Cask 58.1% for Cadenheads

Nose: Ouch, my poor schnozz. Bit burney on the first draw. Chocolate covered raspberries. Starbucks fancy coffachino my daughter absolutely loves. I can barely drink those things when she brings them home they are so sweet. Dried prunes and salted licorice. A well integrated smoke layer, like the clothes I wore last night while bbqing.

Palate: The sherry fruit notes and peat blend super well, with a bold palate and some big peat. Dark chocolate and coffee coated grilled pork chop with lingonberry sauce. Smoked salted butter. Blackberry scones with smoked butter and sea salt. Grilled red bell peppers. Copper penny.

Rating: 6 (Shane & Rich) 5 (Rohan & Rachel) / 10 – A big intense cask, that I enjoyed visiting, but not sure I could hang with too often.