Kyrö 100% Malt Rye Whisky 47.2%

Nose: I spent the day yesterday biking through the canals of Belgium through tall grasses. At low tide, the smell of wet earth mixed with the warm grasses and pollens floating on the wind. I can still smell the chai from this morning, with a oatmilk base. Touch of cinnamon, vanilla, a shaving of orange peel and the yeastiness of rising dough.

Palate: Oranges and the flavor, but not the kick of sweet asian chilis. My buddy Peter always travels with Metamucil cinnamon digestive biscuits. Probably the best biscuit to pair with coffee, and manage the unfortunate side of travel. Orange blossom honey, and a touch of citric acidity, balancing the underlying sweetness. We visited “the best chocolate shop in Belgium”, all 6 of them, all on the same street. I always appreciate the confidence with which they declared their superiority. While I quickly concluded that Belgium chocolates still taste like chocolate, and I don’t care for chocolate, Daniel found a nut brittle that was well worth the buy. I like how the caramelization of sugars pairs with other flavors. I’m still blown away by how I can recognize the rye influence but it simply doesn’t have the harshness of rye. This is so pleasant.

Rating: 6 / 10 – A fantastic beginner whisky. Warm, sweet, with a juicy bite and only a touch of punch. I was expecting all the gnarly herbal and pepperiness that often accompanies high rye’s but instead found a friendly taste tipple. If you want a bottle in your cupboard for non-spirit drinkers, this is a pretty solid choice.