Lheraud Cognac Petit Champagne 1922 40%

Nose: Sweet balsamic vinegar. Sandalwood. Bit of funk, the body odor of an unwashed french man reliving his past hipness. Dr pepper and cola. Man back to funky, quite ripe stone fruits, black peach tea, walnuts, chewing tobacco, fresh dark potting soil. When I think rancio, it smells like this.

Palate: Black peach tea through and through. An unsweetened sarsaparilla or birch bark home brewed old-timey beverage. Green peppercorn, licorice root, and a stale high-end cinnamon stick. It has all the markers of being sweet without ever going there. There is an exceptional balance between herbal, sweet, and wood that leaves things in harmony.

Rating: 8 (shane) & 9 (ryan) / 10 this is seriously delicious in a way I did not expect. The nose and palate align, and even at the low abv this spirit shines.