Longmorn 17 Year 1996/2014 1st Fill Sherry Butt Cask #105089 43% for Signatory Vintage

Nose: Initial impression, a wisp of sulfur laden miracle whip…mmm…caramelized figs, sultanas, spiced boiled apples. In the canary islands, they make great wine. But when you go through a long aging process, often over 25 years, sometimes a barrel turns to vinegar. Why let top shelf vinegar go to waste? They drizzle Vinaigre Macho on fish or meats or use it in cocktails to add that sweet cloying funk. A fun potato salad.

Palate: Gentle and subtle. Tobacco leaf and cardboard. Finish is dark roasted coffee. I even went back for a second dip and didn’t find much more.

Rating: 4 / 10 – the nose and palate weave a very different narrative and while the palate is gentle, it lacks complexity and depth. I had high expectations after the first 1996 Longmorn was such a heavy hitter, and we find myself a wee bit disappointed here.