Longmorn 17 Year 1996/2014 Sherry Butt #105092 60.1% for The Ultimate

Nose: Classic sherry nose with layers of sweetness. Maple syrup and fancy christmas panettone with dark cherries and dried prunes. Sherry poached pears. Prune vibe is potent when I return to the glass. 

Palate: You ever stare at your own notes and think, that isn’t a description, its just a rehash of every decent wood forward sherry bomb out there? Yeah yeah, dark chocolate, leather, coffee, and oak. Plump raisins and dates. =)

Rating: 6 (Ryan) 7 (Shane) / 10 – This is everything you want in a classic sherry bomb. A bit too woody for Ryan, but right up Shane’s oaky alley.