Longmorn 1996 The Ultimate Cask 72324 Sherry butt 57.4%

Nose: Ryan has cognac on the brain but we are in pure sherry country. Intense deep dark notes, with big spices to follow. Pitted dried prunes. Grape leather. Christmas pudding… the kind grandma has fed liquor to for the past three years. Dried aleppo peppers. Cumin and cardamom. I get Boursin cheese spread – the shallot and chive flavor but Ryan calls BS; ain’t no cheese funk here. He’s usually right but not this time. Pineapple upside down cake. Crushed walnuts.

Palate: Big bitter oak. Tobacco and Folgers crystal coffee. Deep dark sherry notes that are bordering on dank, overripe cherries edging on eat or toss. Potent ginger and white pepper. Black tea.Long finish is dark chocolate covered espresso beans.

Rating: 7 (Shane) 8 (Ryan) / 10 – Long live the sherry cask. We have a half-dozen more of these 1996 Longmorn single casks and they are all this good.