Clynelish 24 Year 1996 Bourbon hogshead 54.9% for Whiskynerds

Nose: My daughter has become obsessed with making Lassi’s. A wonderful pairing of tartness, spices and fruit. We like a blend of cardamom and the tiniest drop of cumin. Peaches or mango or pineapple. And a goat or greek yogurt. While I prefer honey if we need to sweeten, she is all about the cane. And to finish, a couple grains of sea salt. A sweet-tart spice hit. I really love the mineral waxiness of this era of Clynelish.

Palate: Hot honey and lemon. With a sliver of ginger. The perfect remedy for a sore throat. Grape juice. Banana peels. White tea. Kumquat. Peach scones on wax paper. The waxiness is the base note upon which everything else builds.

Rating: 7 / 10 – It’s easy to see why this era Clynelish has such a following. Good pick lads.