Lous Pibous 2005 Cask #233 56.1% for L´Encantada

Nose: I think I’m getting to the point where I could call out LP blind. Got that fruity, funky, meaty thing that I love about them. After it sits the vanillin comes out. Sugar plums, pomegranate molasses (goes great on biryani!), freshly opened bags of green tea, lemon zest, and old damp wilting flowers. Man, this nose feels like it will keep evolving forever.

Palate: Thick, unctuous, savory Lou Pibous goodness. Reminds me a lot, in the balance toward spice and savory notes, of WT Rare Breed. But it’s got sweet grapes to spare and some of that rich umami flavor I’ve found in other casks from them. Other days I’d call it suet. Today to me it tastes just like crisp black sheets of nori. The finish is black pepper beef jerky dipped in unsweetened bakers chocolate. That is just what the finish is, so there’s no point in writing more about it.

Rating: 9 / 10 – Over all, I loved the nose then briefly experienced a flash of initial disappointment when it first hit my tongue. It lacked the level of lip-smacking fruity caramel that I remember experiencing in Cask #223, and the herb factor of the Lincoln Rd #183 (2003). But, I’m not sure, having drained my glass, whether that’s true at all. Any slight dig in quality could be chalked up to being in a different state of mind. A side by side of these beloved 2003-2004 casks def needs to be done but for now I consider all of them (2003 #183, 2004 #183 / 223 / 233) among my favorite ‘gnacs I’ve ever had.