Raicilla La Venenosa Costa de Jalisco (green label) 44.9% Agave Amarillo & Chico Aguitar.

Nose: Tar burps from my trips to La Brea as a kid. Bragg liquid aminos. sitting on the beach after a firework show only breathing through your mouth to avoid the burn. Green bell pepper. shares a lot of notes with octomore. The strangest comment, but the texture on this nose reminds me of a brick oven fired pizza with the bordering on burnt bottom crust and excess flour so it doesn’t stick to the oven.

Palate: I kissed an American bbq pit and Ryan liked it… a rag I wiped my hands on after working on my car. And a lick of bacitracin when sucking on a wound. A drop of honeysuckle on the finish. Slight notes of barn yard funk.

Rating: 4 (Shane) 6 (Ryan) / 10 – Double distilled in a tree-trunk still (higuera blanca wood) in April 2019. There isn’t too much character besides the smoke. While I wasn’t that into the smoke, Ryan enjoyed it.