Raicilla La Venenosa Sierra Occidental de Jalisco (black label) 40.3%
Agave Maximiliana

Nose: Mashed turnips and white pepper. Fragrant tomato vines. Wet potting clay on the wheel, vero mango chili lollipop. Kumquat and reminiscent of Rochelt Quince. Roasted poblano peppers, jalapeños, jamon serrano and gumbo file.

Palate: Lightly dancing on the palate. Sweet hothouse cherry tomatoes, Micheladas. Old bay / gumbo aftertaste the next morning, lightly metallic with a krafts mac and cheese powder vibe.

6 (Shane) 7 (Ryan) / 10 – A lovely and complex nose paired with a light and fresh palate. Eau de agave, just lovely. Cornucopia of summer peppers and tomatoes fresh off the vine.