Redbreast 14 Year Small Batch C 59.1% for Blackwell’s Wines & Spirits

Nose: My kind of breakfast. Cinnamon latte with crushed cardamom. Banana bread with chopped walnuts and pepitas of dark chocolate. Sawdust from a hot saw. After resting a touch of spearmint blossomed. Even thirty minutes later, it still leads with a boozy burn.

Palate: Chocolate covered cherries and dried blueberries. Nuttiness. The spiciness of the oak almost reminds me of cayenne. A big sharp tonic note, nearly quinine, which I really love. For years I had schweppes indian tonic in the fridge as my drink of choice. I would still have liters of it if drinking that much tonic didn’t mess with my stomach. Then herbal notes that remind me of Armagnac, specifically tarragon.

Rating: 7 / 10 – Now this is yum. A sherry forward and complex pour that brings me back to all those elements I love from Redbreast 12 Cask Strength releases.