Redbreast 19 years 2000/2019 Sherry Cask #21316 59.3%

Nose: Your classic big sherry nose. Date cakes & caramelized figs. Tootsie roll. Pralines and cream. And a whooping cherry cola brownie. Probably not a thing. But it sounds pretty good. Let’s make it happen people. a slightly astringent note which I’ve come to associate with redbreast single casks that Ryan and I now think of as celeriac.

Palate: Fennel and endives salad with grapefruit supreme and shavings of parmesan with fresh cracked black peppercorn. The sherry plays background orchestra and isn’t first fiddle. And ends on a wood smackero on the way out.

Rating: 6 (Ryan) & 7 (Shane) / 10 – Herbal and bitter and fruity and delicious. While I don’t usually swing whole hog on this side of the fence, today, I’m grooving with the punches.