Redbreast Celtic Whiskey 1997 1st Fill Sherry Butt #42884 20yr 58.2%

Nose: Bit-O-honey and sugar babies, malt balls and fudgie the whale. There is something fundamentally different about old timey candy. Maybe the nostalgia of youth, or less high fructose corn syrup? Then the clean nose wrinkling vibe of dove hand soap bar. On an empty glass an explosion of cardamom and lemon grass.

Palate: Orange honey stick, hazelnut brittle, tropical fruit flavored soft fudge. Those sherry fruit notes I so love, ultra ripe figs and candied pecans. Then the Redbreast spirit comes through, a touch of bitter wood, like roasted green bell pepper flavored with celery salt flowing into huge tannic wood notes.

Rating: 7 (Shane) 6 (Ryan) / 10 – Blind I would have guessed this is a bourbon and absolutely love the interplay between the fruit and the pot still spirit.