Redbreast 2001 Palace Bar 17yo Cask #19831 59.7%

Nose: Chicken marsala or a spanish garbanzada. Notes of butterscotch. Fluffy light sweet angel cake. Semi sweet chocolate and dried cherries. Dates and leather. Candied pecans. Such a nice line between savory, sweet and fruit. Like duck breast in blueberry reduction. Sweet cream.

Palate: The nose is the palate, very awesome. Cola/Dr Pepper vibes. Finish has loads of pecans and the mouthfeel of chewing on fresh Christmas nuts. I used to make a ginger, soy sauce, red wine and orange juice reduction which would boil down to a glaze that I put on salmon and cook it on a cedar plank. Toss it on a bed of spinach with dried cranberries and gorgonzola with a raspberry salad dressing. This has such big bold tannins. Coffee and dark chocolate. So concentrated. So good.

Rating: 9 / 10 – A freaking mouth punch of layered delicious sherry oak awesomeness.. come to papa.