Redbreast 1998 LMDW 19yo Cask #70946 55.7%

Nose: Lemon poppy seed muffins. Which, if you weren’t aware, will trigger a positive for opium in a drug test. I know that because one of my besties got us in a whole lot of trouble when he didn’t read the instructions before taking his life insurance medical. That sweet and yet tart intensity of natural frozen yogurt. Clementines. Unripe fresh figs still oozing milky sap. Wildflower herbal tea with a spoonful of honey. Cedar chips.

Palate: Amazingly floral crossing into lavender. Rose hip black tea. Pumpkin seeds and raw almonds. Wheatgrass shot. Oddly numbing mouthfeel, like I just took my medicine. Szechuan peppers and cooked black peppercorns.

Rating: 5 / 10 – This reminds me of redbreast 21 without that beautiful balance at twice the price.