Tamdhu – Glenlivet 8 Year 1990s 40% for Gordon & MacPhail

Nose: My bestie Peter went on a long journey to craft the ultimate coffee. I remember him trying to learn how to steam milk just right. And that slightly warm dairy smell when you nail it. As someone who never loved coffee, I strongly preferred what our favorite shop called, a bowl of soul. Milk and honey steamed, with a twist of cinnamon and a shaving of citrus zest, with a bag of loose leaf camomile. Underneath the warmth, a crinkle of my nose. Artichoke leaves dipped in a mild vinaigrette.

Palate: Gentle. Shhh, something is happening here… ahh nope. That was just me wishing. A very quiet and blah palate. My tongue stays warm for a while, a cedar hug. Graham cracker sweetness. Caramel and wheat.

Rating: 3 / 10 – yawn. While its not actually bad, it’s boring and barely worth pouring. I’ve had so much bad luck with these 90s Gordon & MacPhail.