Tobermory 1972 32 Year Black Label 49.7%

Nose: Packed bar late at night… a 1990s pintxos bar. Rich cecina (cured air dried beef), red wine splashed on the ground, flat coke, sawdust, cigarette smoke, touch of body odor from so many people laughing too loud in the night air. Chocolate mints they put on my pillow. Cedar.

Palate: Deep, dank, brooding with a shocking whit. Oily and slightly sweet. I just kissed a smoker (shane). Dried ground cinnamon. Cold Press coffee. Black tea with hints of cardamom and anise. Leather. A wonderful funk factor.

Rating: 9 (Shane) 10 (Ryan) / 10 a simply standout beast. Delicious with an extra helping of n-eroticism. This is red label’s funkier edgy sibling who doesn’t give a damn.