Hampden 2011 LFCH 60.5% for Habitation Velier

Nose: I love splitting pineapples with my wife. She takes the juicy exterior part. And the core is all mine. It’s nature’s chewing gum, and I can just masticate to my heart’s content; far less bright and far more basey than what people think of when they eat pinneapple. I sometimes miss grilling on charcoal, not often mind you as it’s a pain in my ass, but there is something kinda magical to the smell of the first briquette catching and the lighter fluid flares. There is a new plastic rubber smell, not full on like some of the high ester siblings, closer to the new set of swim fins my son brought home last night. A very pleasant but just slightly restrained vibe.

Palate: oh… that is excellent, more on the industrial and saline than fruit side of the spectrum. And yet still pleasantly sweet. My orthodontist used bubblegum flavored molds when making my retainers. I kinda of loved the taste… but it was also brutally shoved into my mouth and I was told not to move as I gagged. Reminiscent of the Hampden experience in general. =p That strange bubblegum wax vibe merges well into spices, cinnamon and cloves. A post surf session salinity. Just the thirst and mouth pucker of having been in the ocean. The warmth of mountain pastries with a touch of molasses soaked sugar and raisins. And the finish fades into honey cough drops.

Rating: 7 / 10 – a surprisingly refined Hampden. I come for the fruit funk more often than not, but am pleased to see how well this spirit does even without getting smacked with a pineapple. Low ester for the win.