Bellevue Guadeloupe 1998 19 Year 55.5% for Rum Artisanal

Nose: The first crack of the bottle is so enticing. Good & Plenty’s movie theater box of candy will always have a special place in my heart. The crunch following an explosion of black licorice. For whatever reason, anise is a European palate in the same way rootbeer is an American one. And don’t cross the streams. This was supposed to be a quick nip and to bed, but this needed to sit and 15 minutes later, I’m still enjoying the smell. It is not complicated, but just hits the right warmth, nutmeg and a lick of cloves and oak. A hint of the herbal, but it’s hidden under the warmth. Fingers crossed it isn’t all consuming.

Palate: Strongly herbal. Curses. Not my week on that front. Not the spirits fault, just the wrong drinker. But not the typical mint or eucalyptus vibe, a bit more nuanced, leaning towards sage and marjoram. Even going lightly vegetal, cucumber and green bell pepper. I would totally pair this with a very mild lemon sorbet. Although that basically leaves me with a throat lozenge. A touch more fruit or oak influence would be nice for the palate.

Rating: 5 / 10 – Premature excitement. Happens to the best of us. It’s a fine pour just not for me.