Demerara Solera N014 (Guayana) 40% for Rum Nation

Nose: Sniff. Nadah. So I waited. And finally recruited my daughter. Serenity smells hints of anise, apricot and honey. I kinda see the apricot. I smell an indiscriminate sweet warmth, like when the pacific company cookie factory would make snickerdoodles during a strong wind, and you could smell something baking from across town.

Palate: A slightly funky pecan snicker doodle indeed. The palate is far more robust than I expected for the ABV. Not complex, but rich and a touch too sweet for me. Caramelized bananas and vanilla extract.

Rating: 4 / 10 – Seems like a great intro pour to real rum for someone who has only ever had Captain Morgan’s. Although for me, with the overwhelming sweetness, it’s right between a 4 and a 5. Was a hard call.