The Whisky Agency Irish 27 year 1993 single cask 49.2%

Nose: My parent’s orchard in full bloom smells stronger in my head than in reality. It’s actually a subtle experience. This nose takes those memories and supercharges them. I truly love the buzzing hum from the life it attracts. The coy sweetness of pale yellow plums and crisp white nectarines. Warm straw sitting in the spring sun. And after plucking some fruit for breakfast, a hot french baguette with a layer of rich salted butter and clover honey.

Palate: A dry and elegant palate. Mineral without being puckering… a peach white tea. Beeswax and outdoor furniture polish. Tangerine zest biscotti. Drinking from a cedar box. I noticed starfruit when I decided to scan someone’s notes and can’t shake how prevalent that is – I wish I could remember where I saw that so that I can give credit. The perfect balance of tart.

Rating: 8 / 10 – What a perfume. I see exactly how they connect and yet was not prepared for how dry and mineral and eventually sweet this is. While I don’t have proof, my instinct is that this is Cooley, but I’ve pinged on facebook to see if the community can verify.