Lous Pibous 2003 Cask #183 (Lincoln Road) 56.5% for L´Encantada

Nose: caramel, oak, surprisingly mild booze. After some time in the glass I catch some vanillin and a hint of something fresh and herbal (eucalyptus, evergreen).

Palate: Caramel first, with earthy oak, and then something really fun – the herbal notes hinted at in the nose begin to dance around the mouth. Reminds me of chartreuse. There’s an unexpected burst of tarry creosote (which is one of my favorite aromas, if you’re familiar). Dry bitter orange, raw almond, threshold levels of oxidation-related phenols and butterscotch. The latter don’t detract but rather add pleasing depth. The finish is short and sweet, with the oak and chartreuse herbal notes and bitter orange lingering briefly.

Rating: 7 / 10 – I love herbaceous spirits, and this one leans that way. The nose was a little mild and the finish somewhat short, and it lacked some darker notes that would’ve pushed this over the top. But the sweet richness of the palate and the creosote chartreuse flavors make it deliciously memorable. (Revisit. 1/2020: lots of white grape today. Very much tastes like brandy not bourbon. Fresh coconut. Spearmint. Some floral FB notes of white lilies. Toward the end of the glass increasingly dark flavors of cocoa, prunes and tobacco).