Redbreast 1991 IWC @ The Loop 25 Year Cask #42966 53.2%

Nose: Pickled ginger and cedar with nigori saki. Rucula and celeriac. Orange water and catalan cream. There is a very subtle sweetness to the nose that is hard to put my finger on, maybe a buttered artisanal dinner roll. The empty glass has a slightly gamey smell, like elk jerky or rack of lamb.

Palate: Dark meat turkey with a massive helping of stuffing. Celery and onion, cubed bread soaked in broth, fresh parsley and thyme. Bit of yodelehihoo – a ricola lozenge. Robust peach black tea.

Rating: 6 (Ryan) 7 (Shane) / 10 – This is an amazing spirit. I can’t find a single flaw. Except at the end of the day, I just think I wouldn’t reach for it all that often. It’s just a touch off from what I prefer. So this is a rating for my palate. If you are into herbal, this is your bottle, easily an 8, even a 9. Something to be treasured.